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G ROUND V IEW is a bi-monthly publication in Sinhala, Tamil and English that reflects the socio economic issues that have a direct impact on the quality of life and the aspirations of all communities who live outside the Western Province and those marginalized sections of the populace within the Western Province

Pilot phase in 2007 supported by CHA.Currently, donors funds are being sought


The long felt need for a tool to mainstream and promote collective representation of opinion of the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and the civil society at large specially from the districts/provinces, will be realized in the publication of a civil society tabloid (half size of a newspaper) The tabloid will be an ideal tool to project civil society's voice in its run up to attaining ‘positive peace' and help sustain a conflict resolution, and transformation through structural, behavioural and attitudinal change at a stale level, relational and all levels of society respectively in the long run.

Target Group :

The Sri Lankan civil society who is concerned about and affected by socio economic issues. The international community in Sri Lanka who is concerned about addressing those issues.

Outcomes :

GROUND VIEW is a medium for expression and debate within the civil society that will focus on key development issues and participatory democracy, such as sustainable livelihoods apart from traditional agriculture, education encompassing knowledge-based development, free flow of information representing views of divergent communities and emerging global trends, access to technology that will diminish or devalue the relevance of manufactures identities, as well as the citizen's awareness for the need of good governance and peaceful solutions to the unresolved differences in Sri Lanka

Impact Level Effect - A Theory of Change:

In a conflict that has lasted four decades the root causes of how conflict commenced is all but forgotten. An effective and meaningful debate within the civil society as envisaged galvanizes all sections of the population to resist being manipulated by parties interested in prolonging the conflict, and steers the energies of the people towards sustainable development that empowers them as global citizens.

Overall Objective:

Improved national awareness and contributions towards building an inclusive national accord for enhancing the economic well-being of the people: Creating space for civil society's voice on humanitarian, development and policy related issues in Sri Lanka


The overall impact the tabloid could create is to help sustain a much anticipated transformation that peace initiatives can bring in and supplement all efforts towards bringing about positive peace and help the ‘peacebuilding' process in the long run.


• The bi- monthly publication (six issues a year) with a country wide coverage being the main output.

• • The journal is published in English as G ROUND V IEW ; in Sinhala as and in Tamil as

Activities :

Current Activities :
  • Liaison with Academics & correspondence to collect articles
  • Edit and sub-edit all copies and format.
  • Translate and coordinate Sinhala and Tamil issues
  • Make page layouts and proofs.
  • Print issues.
  • Promotion/canvassing for subscriptions/ advertisements
  • Disseminate/post issues

Planned Activities:

•  ( 2006) Plan project.
•  (2007) Initiate and implement pilot phase, funded by CHA, completed.
•  (2007/2008) Re-view experience and further planning, seek donor support.
•  (2008) Implement second project phase, develop advert./CSR/ subscription strategies.
•  (2008/2009) Re-view experience and further planning, seek further donor support.
•  (2009-2010) Implement third project phase, implement advert./CSR/subscription strategies.
(2011+) Envisaged: Re-view experience and further planning, seek sustainable funding through advert./CSR/subscriptions, sales.

Bernadine Jayawardene

Manager Peace & Development


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